CETA = Community Engagement Through the Arts.

We began teaching CETA at Transylvania University in 2008 as a way to build and sustain meaningful connections between the Transylvania community and Transylvania's near neighbors to the North and East. We teach CETA every spring semester. At times, we make large-scale public artworks as part of this class. At times, the two of us create small-scale artworks that engage different communities but are not directly connected to CETA.

2016 - Superhero Capes

Because we believe there is a superhero in each of us ...

2015 - Birdhouses

500 birdhouses, hundreds of narratives about what "home" means, and a year-long collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

Mathematical Methods for Physics

Quotes by Dr. Jamie Day, captured daily during his May Term course "Mathematical Methods for Physics" at Transylvania University.

2014 - Beaded Lanterns

We stitched recycled burlap coffee sacks to welded wire frames to create more than 30 lanterns. We worked with kids in the North Limestone neighborhood to decorate some of the lanterns with translucent beads.

Love Locks for Lexington

Lexington + Love + Locks + Fence = Love Locks for Lexington

2013 - Gingerbread

CETA worked with 4 local businesses, 1 neighborhood school, 1 after-school program, and many members of the Lexington community to create 3 multi-media temporary murals.


We worked collaboratively with students at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY to create a temporary wheat-paste mural on their campus.

2012 - Dolls

Created with and for the Lexington community, more than 1,000 dolls were hidden along Limestone Ave under the cover of darkness as gifts for the people who found them the next day.


In 2012, we invited the German duo of street artists to Lexington to create 2 murals. Herakut's visit fueled Lexington's love for street art.

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