The ________________ of the Universe: A Love Story
by Bianca Lynne Spriggs
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­The __________ of the Universe: A Love Story
by Bianca Lynne Spriggs

It was beyond midnight when she showed up at The Crossroads of the Universe
          his back door and asked him to take her on The Sunday Drive of the Universe
                    a ride through backroads out past Elkhorn Creek. It would be  The Honeymoon of the Universe
          just like the night she wore  The Sequined Leotard of the Universe
a neon wig and her favorite leopard print heels but lost one at The Truck Stop of the Universe
          The Dame, which tended to smell like The Armpit of the Universe
                    a careless night out with friends. She blushed at  The Mating Call of the Universe
          his suggestion that instead they throw a dance party for two as bottom-shelf as The Underrated Wine of the Universe
the cheap seats on the opening day of Keeneland. He told her that the first time seeing The Secret Identity of the Universe
          her under the golden gingko tunnel on Catalpa St. felt like finding  The Long Lost Left Sock of the Universe
                    the perfect peach in the Farmer’s Market before brunch on a Saturday after The B-List Cult Movie of the Universe
          Rocky Horror the night before at the Kentucky Theatre. The Wishbone of the Universe
And perhaps a stroll past Triangle Park’s cascading fountain could be a quest to discover The Middle Name of the Universe
          all the daydreams they’d ever dream to light the city up like The Signal Flare of the Universe
                    a handful of lightning bugs backed by a choir of cicadas. The Roadside Attraction of the Universe
          She knew his gravitational pull would lead to nothing but The Hangover of the Universe
wandering around downtown all the way from Charlie Brown’s The Candy Heart of the Universe
          to the Lexington Cemetery. They might drift to Short St. where Gallerie Soleil The Errant Nipple Hair of the Universe
                    used to be. Maybe they’d have enough time to join The Dregs of the Universe
          the 3 AM crowd at Tolly Ho and order The Love Jones of the Universe
all the deep fried delicacies they could eat. She’d always be willing to risk The One Night Stand of the Universe
          heartburn for him. It was settled. He couldn’t resist her wonky winking eye The Recalled Part of the Universe
                    any more than he could resist entering the enchanted forest in The Bellybutton of the Universe
          the UK Arboretum. They held hands down Broadway The Sweet Potato Vine of the Universe
all the way to Gratz Park and were so busy telling one another The Knock Knock Joke of the Universe
          how great the other looked in that creamsicle sheathe of streetlamp light The Compact Mirror of the Universe
                    they forgot all about why they left in the first place. Something about taking The Dark Ride of the Universe
          the long way. Something about putting down deep roots in the thin soil of The Waiting Room of the Universe
their hometown.  

Inked forever on the bodies of 253 residents of Lexington, KY is a love letter to the city they call home.

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