Though the students in the class had no quilting experience, we stitched more than 50 colorful quilts, working with kids at local elementary schools, Transylvania students and neighbors, Lexington’s Quilting Society, University of Kentucky students, and many others. We used the quilts to create a temporary installation by slipcovering the inside of Marty Clifford’s second-hand furniture store (now a local restaurant, Minton’s 760), before donating all of them to Kentucky’s Build-A-Bed project.

Listen to the This I Believe essay written and read by Kaitlynn Austin, CETA 2010.

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CETA 2010 (1).jpg

Quilting bee at Third Street Stuff

CETA 2010 (2).jpg

Quilt (detail)

CETA 2010 (3).jpg

Temporary installation inside Marty Clifford's second-hand furniture store at 760 North Limestone