Love Letter To the World

A video artwork that combines poetry, tattoos, music, photography, spoken word, storytelling, and global connections.

Tattoo Projects

Pride-of-Place + Poetry + Tattoos = A collaborative celebration of community and a commitment made visible.


DISCARDED creates portraits of cities through photographs of discarded couches and easy chairs and the people who live near them.

The American Inn Project

Inspired by Vandaveer's track "Good Morning," this video artwork documents the dialog between the song lyrics and the motorists making their daily commute along New Circle, one of Lexington's major motorways.

Royal Dandies

Inspired by the world's largest collection of mustache cups, we built the world's largest mustache cup.


Combining the goals of oral history and photojournalism with the creation of interventionist art, Passing is series of exhibitions and events celebrating the drag community in Lexington, KY.