Love Letter To the World

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phrase-80-e1-Lori Houlihan-processed.jpg

We created this artwork "and yet" are tremendously pleased to see how it surprises us every day. Thank you, world, and thanks to Mick Jeffries for capturing this photograph of Lori Houlihan.


At times, the participants get their tattoos together with their best friend and add origami cranes to the design to commemorate significant life moments.

phrase-11-2--Piper Roby Thomas.jpg

At times, participants get consecutive phrases to commemorate long-term relationships. (photograph courtesy of Rob Thomas and Piper Roby-Thomas)

phrase-116-Neda Masoudi.jpg

Some request their tattoos in other languages--as did Neda Hm whose tattoo reads "still believing" in Farsi. (photograph courtesy of Neda Hm)

phrase-1-kk-Chuck Clenney.jpg

Chuck Clenney's "I love you, world." in Japanese makes visible his love for all things Japanese. (photograph by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova)

phrase-25-FB2-Megan JD.jpg

Some add color to their designs. Lots of color! (photograph courtesy of Megan J)

phrase-98-2--Celeste Lewis.jpg

At times, the color spreads to other parts of their body. (photograph courtesy of Celeste Lewis)

phrase-69-5--Alison Whipple.jpg

We will create the final video artwork using photographs uploaded by the participants--like this one of Alison Whipple's "hail and thunderstorms." (photograph courtesy of Alison Whipple)

phrase-121-FB6-Joydah Bernardo.jpg

At times, we are lucky to meet some of the participants, even people from as far away as Joydah Bernardo from New Zealand. (photograph courtesy of Joydah Bernardo)

phrase-87-kk-Ebony Collins.jpg

At times, we sit down with them over a cup of coffee and a muffin, and talk about where we come from. (photograph by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova)

phrase-78-kk2-Jessica Walker.jpg

At other times, we travel with them to desserts--as we did with Jessica Walker, whose tattoo we photographed at Burning Man 2014. We will be photographing on the playa this year again!

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